Below is an independent actual test done by a melt shop supervisor at a major steel mill. The pictures of the swatches were taken where a  ladle of  molten  iron at  2800 degrees  was poured  directly  onto the single layer of fabric with Quantum treatment. The molten iron rolled off the Quantum  fabric and there was no burn-through.

under fabric
All Quantum Fabric tested well below the “Red” line on the Stoll Curve which indicates the area of 2nd degree burns. 
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The measure of the protection level of a fabric is how much it can limit the amount of heat transferred to the wearer and prevent a theoretical second degree burn. This test also demonstrates how quickly and effectively a fabric can shed molten metal without it sticking and burning through to the wearer.

One of the ways the results of a ASTM F955 pour test are reported is by a graph called a Stoll Curve. The Stoll Curve is a plot of the amount of time it takes for a second degree burn to occur. Anything falling below the Stoll Curve, (Red Line) is considered safe from a theoretical second degree burn.

As the Stoll Curve indicates, Quantum is well below the Red Line on all tests performed.

Molten splash

University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Test Excerpt
Taken from 64 page test at UAB concerning Quantum:

The fabric combinations of Quantum 843 with Long Johns and Quantum QVT with Long Johns showed the lowest temperature increases after impact with molten iron. The maximum temperature increase with Q843 with Long Johns was 10.5 °C and with Quantum QVT with Long Johns was 11.1 °C. Second degree burn was not indicated with these two combinations as the total heat energy stayed below the Stoll curve.


This is the actual test done with a ladle of molten iron at 2800 degrees poured directly onto the single layer of Quantum treated fabric.

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