With over 16 years’ experience in the molten metal business, I have seen many different fabrics and coatings come and go. Quantum has breached the gap in providing protection and wearer comfort. It's unique ability to shed molten metal while being lightweight and comfortable makes it the perfect choice, for many different molten metals whether, steel, copper, or zinc. Best yet is it's durability to washing cycles performed by industrial uniform services. We made Quantum our choice of protection at our new zinc processing facility.

        Health and Safety Manager
        Horsehead Metal Products, Inc.

The guys just love the Quantum jackets.  They get hit with SLAG, SPARKS and all kinds of stuff and it doesn’t put a hole in the jacket. It just BOUNCES OFF!
        Former Safety & Health Nucor Steel 

The positive comments from our employees yesterday were rewarding to hear knowing the fact our staff is better protected today than ever before from exposure to thermal burns, radiate heat, and molten metal splash.  Timing was perfect when you and I observed a Caster Operator  performing a task with direct exposure to excessive hot metal sparks bounce off his Quantum jacket for over an extended period of time – then to examine this Quantum jacket just after the task was completed to find not one burn marking or burn hole – very cool!
        Ron Herring, CSHO Safety Manager
        Gerdau Long Steel North,  Midlothian, TX
        ron.herring@gerdau.com  -  972-779-7040

University of Alabama testing center—Engineer states concerning Quantum; “I have never seen anything test as well as Quantum for molten metal splash”.

The guys here at our plant love these jackets and have thanked me numerous times for making the change to Quantum. As a safety manager, I fully support this initiative due to the relief it provides our employees regarding heat stress.   Since implementation, there haven’t been any issues noted and we made it through this summer without one person falling out from the heat. I believe the design we went with helps with having better air flow through the jacket without compromising protection. 
        Safety Manager

We have introduced a better protecting line of clothing Jackets and Chaps called Quantum.  I can tell you that our workers praise the change due to:
1. Breathability - greatly reduces heat buildup with the wearer and less likely to experience a heat illness.
2. Better protection from hot metal splashes and hot steam
3. Coats are custom made for our specific exposures
4. Up to 4-time longer life over the silvers, leading to
5. Reduction on PPE cost

        Ron Herring, CSHO Safety Manager  - 
        Gerdau Long Steel North,  Midlothian, TX
        ron.herring@gerdau.com  -  972-779-7040
        November, 2016

We have tried many different materials over the years to assist our casters with the safety, dexterity, and comfort they need to perform their tasks when casting. Quantum Protective provided samples of their product for us to review, and this was the first time we had poured molten copper directly on a product and not have it burn. They offered great assistance to us over the developing the current style we are currently using now.  The innovation of a lighter weight casting coat with snap on reflective sleeves helps our employees perform their tasks year round as a safe and comfortable way to work safely.
        Safety Supervisor 3-20-2017
       Great Lakes Copper Inc. Canada

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Customer writes:  If you need a reference on Quantum products or the company, have them contact me.

       Oliver Lyles, Safety Director
       Nucor Steel Seattle
       206-933-2316 - oliver.lyles@nucor.com

       January 2015

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