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Where should Quantum be used?

QUANTUM products are successfully being used in several industries including foundries, welding and grinding applications and in various hot liquid splash environments.  Those applications all take advantage of QUANTUM's unique ability to shed sparks and molten splash as demonstrated through ASTM F955 testing. QUANTUM  only uses base fabric materials that are inherently flame resistant for applications where flame resistance is a key requirement.   The inherent FR base fabric material will not wash out of the products. 

QUANTUM performs so well against heat transfer upon contact with molten iron (ASTM F955), there is some discussion as to whether products made from QUANTUM are considered Primary or Secondary protection. QUANTUM fits nicely between these two categories.  Though QUANTUM is being used effectively in both scenarios, it is the end user's responsibility to confirm whether QUANTUM offers appropriate protection for their needs.  Even in common industries, hazards and procedures can be slightly different.  The effectiveness of a solution can vary due to such differences, and that is why all protective solutions need to be tested by the end user. 

QUANTUM has had some good success in the molten metal industry.  Foundries have found QUANTUM to be suitable protection in many areas.  Along with other fabrics, for example carbon aramid blends, QUANTUM is even replacing aluminized products which have traditionally protected against molten splash.  

Certainly if radiant heat is too extreme there may be a need for aluminized products. But again, there are some areas where radiant heat is not so significant, and non-aluminized fabrics do work in those situations.  A major incentive to move to QUANTUM is that workers have found it to be comfortable.  If a worker is more comfortable, they're more apt to wear their issued clothing and have less physical stress. 

If traditional QUANTUM products are not your perfect solution, please ask about our lined or our new technology lightweight aluminized/QUANTUM  combo products.

We recommend wash cycles of around 30 minutes and drying cycles of up to 45 minutes.  Wash/Rinse temperatures of 80 – 140 deg. F.  High rinse extract settings are acceptable.  Plain detergents—no soaps, dyes, perfumes or softeners should be used.  No buttons or zippered garments if possible.

Complete washing instructions are available upon request.