Why is QUANTUM superior to competing molten splash resistant/FR garments?




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  • Fiber Technology:  The base fabrics are thoroughly engineered by experienced professionals in the fabric and protective clothing industries.  Fiber blends are specifically targeted to maximize personal protection and comfort.  The resulting QUANTUM fiber blend represents the “best in breed” for personal safety and comfort.

  • Fabric Treatment Chemistry:  The FR properties in the base fabric’s we use are further enhanced by a proprietary chemistry and treatment process.  Both chemistry and process were developed by polymer scientists and engineers with over 80 years real world experience.  This exclusive and proprietary technology, now incorporated into QUANTUM garments, is based on repeated success with automotive, aerospace, fire protection and military applications.

  • Superior Test Results:  The “gold standard” for molten metal splash resistance is the ASTM F955 Test.  QUANTUM consistently outperforms competing brands in head-to-head testing at certified test sites (UofA for example).  Q-FR  has also been tested along with competing brands at various client facilities in the US using client-sponsored test apparatus.  The same results are evident – QUANTUM outperforms!

  • Real-World Facility Testing:   Several Quantum FR Design  clients have conducted their own in-house test protocols for garment selection where employees wear QUANTUM garments for up to 90 days while performing regular work duties.  Q-FR, being “the new kid on the block”, usually gets more scrutiny than existing competing brands.  QUANTUM continues to impress and win these new clients who want the best in personal protection and comfort for their employees.

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