Current QUANTUM customer states:  "Patrick was my safety savior and the protector of our workers exposed to hot metal at 3000 degrees."

QUANTUM's innovative technology contains a proprietary flame retardant additive that becomes part of the polymeric matrix that bonds directly to the fabric fibers after the heat curing process. Absolutely no by-products are released during the curing process that could be trapped in the polymeric matrix. The resulting protective matrix will not wash out with repeated industrial laundering and actually provides the base fabric with enhanced protection and life.  Leading fiber recyclers cannot re-open fibers once they have gone through the QUANTUM process.

QUANTUM surpasses testing expectations for ASTM 955 molten test. Q-FR  fabrics repel water but remain breathable for personal comfort.

The treatment polymers are crystal clear and can be used for any colored fabric without any change to the base fabric color system or dye used.

The treatment polymers are both user and eco-friendly.  The FR-additive does not contain antimony or poly-halogenated diphenyl ethers that are currently being used in many states.

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QUANTUM   was  created  by   the  company   founder   Patrick Matthews to protect steel workers from Molten Metal Splash, Slag and Sparks.

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Molten Metal Splash, Slag & Sparks

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Safety professionals and Melt Shop Supervisor’s helped design the new technology by trial and testing to create a safer, more comfortable jacket; giving them a better (ROI) return on their investment by lasting much longer.