Quantum Protective Molten Metal Splash

Message from a QUANTUM customer in Texas to another steel mill
We have introduced a better protecting line of clothing Jackets and Chaps called Quantum.  I can tell you that our workers praise the change due to:
1. Breathability - greatly reduces heat buildup with the wearer and less likely to experience a heat illness.
2. Better protection from hot metal splashes and hot steam
3. Coats are custom made for our specific exposures
4. Up to 4-time longer life over the silvers, leading to
5. Reduction on PPE cost

Ron Herring, CSHO Safety Manager  -  Gerdau Long Steel North,  Midlothian, TX
ron.herring@gerdau.com  -  972-779-7040

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Superior Protection Against Molten Metal Splash, Slag & Sparks  with Quantum Protective Fire Retardant Garments

QUANTUM incorporates a unique and innovative protective polymeric process that gives outstanding protection from molten metal splash, welding sparks, slag, and other thermal hazards when incorporated into a base fabric. QUANTUM is a treatment of the fiber itself not a coating which makes the already inherently flame resistant fabric superior to other FR fabrics.